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Archistar is an online platform allowing property developers to find and assess potential development sites in minutes. Once sites have been found, their generative design engine allows hundreds of designs to be created that fit on the site and match council regulations and parameters set by the user. Archistar is working towards becoming the standard way to submit Development Applications to local councils, allowing proposals to be processed in a fraction of the time than it currently takes.

The Opportunity

Archistar approached We Discover to rethink and redesign their core product to improve usability, by providing a flexible design and product framework to which they can add new features in the future. As features were being added onto the existing product it became quite bloated and hard to use and had created a very complicated and confusing new user onboarding experience. By redesigning the experience Archistar could allow users to sign up for trials and purchase online, significantly lowering the cost of acquiring and onboarding new customers which is currently done by a large and costly sales team.

What We’ve Done

We Discover has completely redesigned the Archistar experience leveraging known best practices and low-cost user research and testing. The first thing we looked at changing was creating a modular framework which allowed new features to easily be added on to the design, thus the addition of the toolbar on the left. We then worked through redesigning and improving each feature, through internal usability testings and asking key users of the platform for feedback as subject matter experts.

The Outcome

By working through this approach we have delivered a completely new and improved platform experience which aims to be more intuitive and customer-centric. By focusing on key-value areas and features we were able to deliver a more tailored and streamlined experience for customers. The new platform will launch during October and we will be monitoring and analysing its performance in order to see the impact our new design has made for the customer, Archistar and to give us new insights to make further continual improvements.

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