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Online comparison site, Finder, helps over two million Australians (each month) compare virtually everything – from broadband to banks, hats to headphones and cars to cookers. Part of the challenge of having such an extensive library of content is creating a consistent experience across each of their sites, both here and globally.

What We Did

Extensive research and user testing of existing pages on the site with the Finder Product Team showed why we were needed. New, easily recognisable and easy-to-maintain and update templates were designed. Then we engaged with their Tech team with PHP and React Software Engineering to aid in the development and deployment of these designs, templates and other UI revenue-proving features.

On completion of the design of the templates and components, Finder asked us to overhaul the look and feel of the site’s global navigation. By improving the navigation, we turned what was a complex and often frustrating search experience into something much more user-friendly – and lucrative for Finder.

Our initial redesign strategy evolved into a full-service offering, including research and user testing as well as assisting with the delivery of various key initiatives. And we continue to offer ongoing assistance as part of our long-term commitment to this partnership.

What We Learned

Test, test, and test again. Our template designs were all subjected to split testing (carried out over a two-week period) to measure the real-life impact of the designs. The design of the new Credit Card review page was then tested against the existing page and the new design created an increase in end-to-end conversion of over 40%, which is estimated to bring in a significant increase in revenue per year for Finder from those pages alone.

Finder immediately rolled out this design across all their Credit Card review pages. This success validated our test-and-learn design approach, which has now been used to drive other design initiatives and create new templates for home loans, shopping deals and news articles.

The Outcome

From an engineering standpoint, We Discover continues to support Finder with technical expertise. Recently, we collaborated with their Product and Engineering team to architect an automated rollout strategy and technical implementation of approximately 30,000 pages across 24 countries. This rollout consolidated seven separate templates into just one, which in turn has provided a more consistent user experience for both publishers and visitors to the site – which is exactly why Finder came to us in the first place.

Other Projects

We Discover has been continually involved in driving other design initiatives, user testing, and business-as-usual roadmap improvements across the site.

  • New masthead design used across the sites, which has decreased the bounce rate by 25%
  • Refinancing wizard and results page redesign
  • Templates for home loans, shopping deals and news articles.