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Finder is Australia’s largest comparison site with 2.2 million visitors each month. Finder is a 100% free service, that compares products and services across 100+ categories – from broadband to business loans; credit cards to cruises; and health insurance to headphones.

Finder is expanding worldwide with localised sites and offices in the US and Europe.

The Opportunity engaged We Discover to bring our research led design approach to improve usability and conversions across their global sites.

We began with a redesign of selected pages across several countries with a “template” approach. If key templates tested well, then these would be rolled out to other sections of the site.

We first targeted the Credit Card review pages as a “template” to redesign, and the business success metrics were very clear – to increase conversions on the redirects to vendor sites, plus increase end-to-end conversions (i.e. someone actually signing up for a credit card).

What We’ve Done

Before jumping into the design, we conducted extensive research on the existing page, which included heat-map analysis, analytics from Google Analytics as well as user testing. Based on the research insights, low fidelity prototypes were created which we tested with different segments of users. The design was further refined based on user feedback and high fidelity prototypes were then created and tested again. The iterative designs were subsequently developed and once live, a split test was conducted. The new design was placed side-by-side with the existing design to measure how it performed.

The Outcome

From the split testing we carried out over a 2 week period, we reached a statistical significance and the results were hugely positive.

Conversion for redirects increased by 35.8% whilst end-to-end conversion increased 45.4% which is estimated to bring in a significant increase in revenue per year from those pages alone. The bounce rate also decreased by 40.1%.

This success validated our research led design approach, which has now been adopted into the business and we’re proud to continue our partnership with Finder.

Other Projects

We Discover has been continually involved in driving other design initiatives, user testing, and business-as-usual roadmap improvements across the site.

  • New masthead design used across the sites, which has decreased the bounce rate by 25%
  • Refinancing wizard and results page redesign
  • Templates for home loans, shopping deals and news articles.