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Based out of the United States and Australia, HappyCo is a leading Proptech platform that enables property owners and managers to manage a wide array of tasks. From maintenance to make ready, acquisitions to asset management, HappyCo taps into an organisation’s data through its suite of products, in order to help their clients make smarter business decisions.


The Opportunity

Having already established itself as a major player in the PropTech space for the last decade, HappyCo has plans to scale their product offering even further.

However in order to do so, they needed a deeper understanding of their end users. Much of the focus so far has been around the “customer” – the people who “pay” for their product. In addition HappyCo wished to create an “Experience Roadmap” to act as a “North Star” of where the product experience “could” be in 3-5 years time.

We Discover were engaged to assist the HappyCo product team in regards to the Archetype research and concept designs for the Experience Roadmap.

What We Did

We kicked off the research by conducting a round of interviews with key stakeholders within HappyCo who shared their assumptions around the various end user groups. Using these assumptions as a starting point we drafted a series of User Archetypes. These were then tested against the insights we gathered from a round of User Interviews, where a cross section of user types were interviewed. Through these interviews we were able to validate many of the assumptions and gather valuable insights regarding their current usage with HappyCo, as well as any pain points and opportunities to inform the subsequent concept creation phase.

In order to capture and document the archetypes identified, we produced an artefact that documented each archetype in a visually appealing and engaging format. The intention is to share this artefact across HappyCo so that anyone in the organisation can communicate with one another on the same page in regards to end users.

Based on the insights and learnings from the research we proceeded to craft a series of “Experience Principles”. These principles would form the foundation of the experience roadmap and act as “guard rails” for future product design decisions. These principles informed the design of a series of high level “concepts” that envisioned what the platform could become in 3-5 years time. These concepts were designed to be ambitious and push the boundaries of what HappyCo could be. We presented the concepts as part of an “Experience Roadmap” artefact which could be easily shared with the rest of HappyCo. This artefact captured each concept in the form of figma designs (desktop and mobile design experiences).

The Outcome

We presented the findings from our research, including the archetypes identified and the concepts to the whole of HappyCo. The presentation included video highlights from the user interviews which highlighted specific insights from user anecdotes. The research and designs were received very well by HappyCo and generated excitement amongst the team.

The artefacts we created would subsequently help the product team with their design decisions moving forward, and the laid the foundation for a deeper understanding their end users.