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Hireup is an online platform built to revolutionise the way people with disabilities find, hire and manage support workers. Traditionally, people with disabilities have had little control over selecting the support workers who provided care for them. Hireup have disrupted this by giving them both choice and control.

The Opportunity

Hireup had only ever employed their support workers on a casual basis, with a simple and generous pay structure, designed to reduce the complexities of the industry. However, recent legal changes require Hireup to provide permanent employment to eligible casual workers. Instead of a problem, Hireup saw this as an opportunity to take a broader look at how they might deliver an employment model that is both desirable to their support workers, as well as able to deliver future growth.

What We’ve Done

Using lean research and design thinking frameworks, we uncovered pain points for support workers and used these insights to ideate several solution concepts of an employment model.

During the research phase, we created a series of personas and used interviews to test our assumptions about support workers. We then presented these insights in an internal workshop with Hireup, where we developed a series of employment model concepts each addressing the topics of eligibility for permanency, hour guarantees and termination. These were then presented to support workers in another round of testing to gauge their desirability.

The Outcome

The concept which tested most favourably with support workers was one that offered the option of instant eligibility for permanency – tempered with guaranteed hours for specific clients.

Hireup decided to move forward with this recommended concept and are now in the process of implementing it.