Block8 / Igloo

  • UX Research
  • Product Strategy
  • UX/UI Design

Igloo is a one-stop-shop for the end-to-end property rental experience. It connects tenants, owners and property managers through a unified, online platform, providing an automated way to perform all rental tasks. 

The Opportunity

Block8, a leading blockchain venture studio, approached We Discover to partner with them on one of their existing ventures called Igloo. Our objective was to help Block8 identify and define the key components and personas in the property domain, validate new solutions and design an MVP to be released to market in under 9 months. 

What We Did

Using our Lean UX approach, we began by conducting qualitative research with users, allowing us to get a full understanding of the problem space. The results were clear and gave the business significant validation in order to shift Igloo’s product strategy and direction. Using insights from our user research and input from key stakeholders, SME’s and Block8’s delivery team, we planned and facilitated a number of workshops and ideation sessions, formulating new experiments to test.

Final testing of these experiments provided the validation and data needed to prioritise Igloo’s MVP and product experience. The validated prototypes were then prepared for the delivery phase from which we worked alongside Block8’s engineering team in a Product Design and Strategy role to deliver the new Igloo product to market. 

The Outcome

We redefined Igloo’s product offering through a new validated value proposition, with a better-suited product-to-market fit. In addition, we redesigned Igloo’s website to promote their new product.

Igloo now has a far more unique product offering and has created the future of rental agreements, one that can grow and change with the property market and tenants’ needs. This has allowed Igloo to partner with several Real Estate entities, including REIQ (a leading body of the Queensland Real Estate industry) to roll out their product across thousands of agents.

Since Igloo launched in November 2019, it has grown the Company’s original evaluation considerably. It’s estimated that 3000+ agencies will use the product over the next 12 months and 250-500k+ tenants and landlords will experience and benefit from Igloo’s new product experience.