• Problem Validation
  • Solution Testing
  • UX/UI Design

Isentia is a leading media monitoring and intelligence company based in Australia, with a global presence in 11 markets worldwide. Their flagship product “Mediaportal” helps thousands of their clients gain access to media data and intelligence, in addition to providing valuable analytics and research services.

The Opportunity

As part of the strategy to retain existing clients and acquire new ones, Isentia needed to revamp their flagship product – “Mediaportal”. But first, they needed to understand the needs and pains of their clients and make strategic and design decisions based on validated insights as opposed to just assumptions.

What We Did 

We Discover was engaged to lead the research and discovery work as part of a co-design team – the aim, to help the business gain a deeper understanding of the customer pains and opportunities around Mediaportal. We uncovered insights around key “solution spaces” which the business wished to explore.

Based on the insights uncovered, we created a series of recommendations by designing concepts. These solution concepts were all informed directly from the insights which emerged from the research.

The Outcome

Overall, the project demonstrated the success for a new way of working using user research to future-proof product enhancements/improvements, but most importantly, it provided the insights and learning needed to validate certain business assumptions before jumping to solution design. These insights also provided the data and evidence necessary to challenge several sensitive ideas, which the business was looking to prioritise. We are now continuing to work with Isentia to design out the future state of their core product.