Micro Accreditations Research

Working with our tech partner Block 8, a leading blockchain venture studio we helped the CSIRO to investigate the space of micro accreditations (“bite-sized” certifications for particular skills) using blockchain technology.

The Objectives

We Discover was engaged to lead the research phase of this initiative which involved:

  • Identifying potential problem spaces (verticals) in and around the space of micro accreditations.
  • Deliver a body of research that will inform and identify specific problems to target.
  • Create a solution concept that addresses the problems identified which utilise blockchain technology – which justifies further research and can be monetised.

What We Did

We identified a series of verticals (potential target customers) who may have pain points around the topic of micro accreditations and formed a series of assumptions for each one. We tested those assumptions through two rounds of one on one interviews.

We conducted two rounds of interviews to identified core problems around accreditations and to further validate the findings.

The Outcome

The insights uncovered gave rise to some exciting opportunity areas in the digital space helping employees and employers match up based on compatibility of hard and soft skills.