NSW Business Chamber

  • Problem & Solution Testing
  • Product Design
  • UI Design

NSW Business Chamber is the state’s peak business organisation. An independent, not-for-profit organisation, dedicated to helping businesses of all sizes to maximise their potential.

The Health Recruitment arm supplies a network of healthcare recruitment specialists to service state health facilities, private hospitals and patients at a local or national level.

The Opportunity

We partnered with NSW Business Chamber to create a mobile app that provides support to their nursing agencies across Australia. As scheduling of shifts is time sensitive, nurses need be able to view, assess and accept shifts within a handful of minutes.

What We’ve Done

We designed and tested multiple digital solutions with nurses from each of the business’ agencies to validate what was required in the first build phase of the mobile app. This helped us to align the business needs with the nurses’ requirements and expectations.

During one-on-one interviews with nurses, we explored their current problem areas and pain points concerning their current management of shifts. It was key for our team to identify (and understand) potential opportunities that could be incorporated into our mobile solution. What we uncovered has helped to shape the mobile app as a market differentiator.

The Outcome

Our research results showed that 93% of nurses desired this digital mobile solution and would stay with the recruitment agency longer due to this new service offering.

The app is currently under development and will be rolled out across each of the business’ nursing agencies in Australia towards the end of the year.