Qantas Airways

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  • Service Design
  • Product Strategy
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Australia’s largest airline came to us with a challenge:

‘How can we encourage around 75% more of our customers to check in before they arrive at the airport?’

We Discover and the Qantas Innovation Team worked together to deep dive into the Qantas customer experience – from buying tickets to boarding the plane – to find out how, why, where and when check-in opportunities presented themselves.

The Problem

‘To check in online, or not to check in online? That is the question.’

Using our Lean UX, Jobs To Be Done framework and extensive customer research,  various assumptions the business had made about their customers were validated (or not) and new areas to explore were discovered. These were prototyped, tested and researched again.

What We Discovered

Not all customers are the same. (Really?)

The previous ‘one-size-fits-all’ approach – and the one that’s used by most other major airlines – doesn’t work. We streamlined our initial concepts to four distinct solutions that acknowledge and respond to the most common pain points and needs of the various types of customer – and thus increase our chances of convincing them to check in online.

The Outcome

Each concept has been prototyped and tested (again) on Qantas customers. Each one rated 78% or above for desirability, with two getting a 91% likelihood of customer adoption. In the meantime, the ‘new’ pain points we uncovered are informing the ongoing customer communications sent out by Qantas, and are already significantly increasing online check in.