Qantas Airways

  • Problem & Solution Testing
  • Service Design
  • Product Strategy

Qantas Airways, Australia’s largest airline by fleet size engaged with us and their innovation team to demonstrate new ways of working and approach and existing business problem and assumed solution.

We worked with the innovation team and multiple sectors of the business to showcase Lean UX and customer validation to guide the business decisions and solution design.

The problem

Qantas engaged We Discover to validate a potential solution for their current domestic Airport check-in process. The main objective was to increase their online check-ins.

What We’ve Done

Using our Lean UX and Jobs To Be Done frameworks we observed customer behaviours and attitudes toward the entire check-in process. This allowed Qantas stakeholders to see some major pain-points within the customer’s check-in journey, that were major parts of the experience, were not considered in their current solution. From the discovery research piece, Qantas came to the realisation that no single solution alone was enough to address all the problems we had identified.

The Outcome

Ideating with a large cross-section of the business helped in creating multiple solution concepts, of which 4 were taken to test with Qantas customers. All concepts tested well with highly positive results. All concepts were rated 78% or above for desirability by customers and two concepts had a 91% likelihood of customers adoption.