Seatfrog Dashboard & LNER Website

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Seatfrog, is an Australian technology startup who recently raised $8 million in their Series A funding. Seatfrog is transforming the way Airlines and Rail providers sell a matrix of ancillary offerings from booking through to departure. Delivering a more seamless experience for passengers on-the-go to maximise ancillary revenue.

Seatfrog’s platform is fully mobile and highly personalised, targeting the peak of a passenger’s willingness to buy an ancillary service offering.

The Opportunity

Seatfrog partnered with Virgin Trains East Coast in the United Kingdom (now rebranded as LNER) to offer first class rail upgrades.

They approached We Discover to design and develop their client dashboard platform and the consumer-facing website for the partnership.

What We’ve Done

We worked closely with Seatfrog’s Data Scientist and team to develop an experience that allows Seatfrog partners to manage inventory, optimise revenue and generate reports.

We designed and developed a clear and flexible front-end design system for future iterations of their administration portal. We also created a responsive website promoting the partnership(s) and to help drive acquisition.

The Outcome

The project has been recognised by Virgin Trains East Coast as a vital tool for enabling accurate decision making and to gather new customers behaviour data. The partner page has been highly successful in driving downloads and conversion.

Seatfrog is continually working with our team on other products and initiatives in their pipeline.