Using Design Thinking to improve protection against hacking and breaches.

  • Design Thinking
  • Ideation
  • Archetype UX Research

Secure Code Warrior provides a comprehensive cybersecurity training program built on teamwork that leads human-lead endeavours against software vulnerabilities. They teach developers the ins and outs of secure code writing and help businesses ready their security networks and teams to ward off breaches before they occur. 

The Opportunity

In 2020, Secure Code Warrior introduced Sensei, a developer plugin that allows developers to identify specific patterns in their source code and rewrite rules in real time. It gives cybersecurity coders the ability to adapt to and prepare for threats immediately and efficiently.

The Secure Code Warrior team approached We Discover for help in scaling and improving Sensei. The process required us to dive into the deep rabbit hole of UX research to draw out a clear understanding of their users’ experiences and, most importantly, make it actionable.

What We Did

We Discover segmented Sensei’s user groups into distinct archetypes based on assumptions made by the product team. We also conducted in-depth interviews with existing users alongside potential users of Sensei.

This allowed us to extract valuable insights including user traits, behaviours and pain points with the current experience. We uncovered various friction points for adoption, developed deeper understanding around the importance of certain functionalities and features. As assumptions were validated by factual user observations, we were able to evolve the user archetypes into clear segments and determine key users that organically promoted Sensei within their organisations.

Based on our collected insights, we crafted several “How Might We” statements and ran an ideation workshop that helped generate product improvement ideas.

The Outcome

Arising from We Discover’s comprehensive UX research, the ideas generated from the workshop have informed the next iteration of Sensei and, above all, given the Secure Code Warrior team confidence in their product roadmap and future investment decisions.