Secure Code Warrior – Uncovering user adoption

  • Design Thinking
  • Ideation
  • Archetype UX Research

Secure Code Warrior provides training for developers on how to write secure code, helping businesses and their teams become resilient against cyber-threats. 

“Sensei” is a developer plugin created by Secure Code Warrior. It allows developers to find specific code patterns in their source code and rewrite rules in real time, to amend the matching code.

The Opportunity

We were engaged to help Secure Code Warrior scale their product, Sensei, by conducting UX research to better understand their users’ motivations, behaviours and pain points with the Sensei plugin to determine what was working and what was not. 

What We Did

We segmented Sensei’s user groups into distinct archetypes based on assumptions made by the product team. This helped with interview recruitment. We conducted in-depth interviews with existing users, as well as potential users of Sensei.

We extracted insights including user traits, behaviours and pain points with the current experience. We uncovered various friction points for adoption, as well as the importance of certain functionalities and features. Assumptions were validated by factual user insights. We were able to evolve the user archetypes into clear segments and determine key users that organically promoted Sensei within their organisations.

Based on insights, we crafted several “How Might We” statements. We then ran an ideation workshop to help generate ideas on improving the current product. 

The Outcome

We presented the findings from our research to the product team. Findings included the archetypes, insights and recommendations. The ideas generated from the workshop have informed the next iteration of Sensei, giving the team confidence in the product roadmap and future investment decisions.