November 10, 2021

NFT Concept Interfaces

By Ash Newman

An NFT, or a non-fungible token, is a digital file created using blockchain code, which can be bought and sold. No doubt you’ve seen articles recently touting the latest teenager who has made a ridiculous sum of money off a series of pixel art whales, or digital artist – Beeple Crap, who sold a $69 million dollar NFT via Christie’s Auction. Undoubtedly, blockchain technology is having a huge impact on how we transact and exchange value. The NFT space is an exciting one for new forms of products and where digital items have the potential for exponential hype as well as providing added utility and value (not just owning the digital artwork). For example, take Mila Kunis’ and Ashton Kutchers’ Stoner Cats, where purchasing the NFT also grants you access to watching the animated show. 

Sites like and allow anyone with some basic crypto wallet know-how to upload, buy and sell digital files. However, only a select few have generated enough hype around their brand and art to garner substantial demand and prices. The vast majority of content for sale is mostly those trying to jump on the bandwagon and a lot of very poorly made digital files. Some of our designers have unashamedly followed suit with various pieces of art now listed, as well as an official We Discover page on Rarible.

Another exciting angle is what an NFT could look like (especially for us, as a product agency) from an overall product and brand experience versus the direct peer-to-peer model of the aforementioned sites. The team took the opportunity to create some conceptual art on what a platform could look like delivering NFT’s via a mobile platform. This was a chance to let the creative juices flow and create concept art.

In conjunction with our blockchain partner, Block8, We Discover has been busy working in the blockchain space across a number of recent projects, including the recent launch of Bumper (a DeFi product), Hutly (proptech smart contracts) and Settl’d (building a smart contract platform) as well as our branding work for Perion (NFT assets).


Fortnite – In Game Item Packs
Concept exploration for NFT collector packs containing in-game items.



NBA – Kobe Bryant – LA Lakers
Concept exploration for NFT collector sports pack.



NHL – Connor McDavid – Edmonton Oilers
Concept exploration for NFT collector sports pack.



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